The week before Thanksgiving 2016 was unknowingly the start of our fight. Cooper came down with what we thought was a virus and as his “stomach bug” symptoms disappeared we joyfully moved into the excitement of the holiday season. December 9, 2016 was the day that would change our lives forever. Cooper had a side step and dizziness that brought him to tears. I assumed his vision would be the cause, after all his dad had glasses at his age. But after 3 doctor visits we heard the dreaded words your child has a brain tumor. We were now part of the “cancer” community
finding the need to learn more than we ever wanted to about Medulloblastoma and Pediatric brain tumors. Over the next 3 years a spectrum of emotions guided through every inconceivable decision laid upon us. Decisions that no parent/person should ever have to make. Each step a crash course in Oncology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Nutrition, Psychology, Physiology, etc.

Today Cooper is in 2nd grade, a year out of treatment with clear MRI scans and doing well. We feel as if we are pretending to be “normal” while knowing our journey is not fully over– reminded by each MRI scan, each endocrine appointment, each hearing test, each neurology exam, each ophthalmology check, each IEP meeting, each medical history form… As we will forever remain changed from this experience it has reminded us to slow down and cherish the moments and fight to cureMEdullo!!