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About Us

Welcome to curedullo

Our Mission

Is to find a cure for Medulloblastoma, the most prevalent brain cancer in children.

Our Vision

Through deep partnership, build and evolve a shared understanding of the best approaches to diagnose, treat, and recover from Medulloblastoma and the various complications that arise from the disease and its treatments.

Our Community

Parents, patients, caregivers, scientists, researchers, like-minded pediatric brain tumor non-profits, patient advocates, oncologists and related specialist researchers and clinicians, legislators.

The cancer and brain tumor communities are diverse and broadly based. We aim to convene and focus these like-minded groups’ efforts when they relate to Medulloblastoma. We believe in the breadth of the community, and the power of bringing focus to a disease pathway, its treatments, and research priorities.

Promising Research

funded by cureMEdullo

A Targeted Approach to Medulloblastoma Treatment

two new projects in collaboration with the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) in pursuit of better outcomes for children with medulloblastoma.

  • The first is a precision medicine clinical trial that will bring together three innovative methods to inform care, never-before used in concert to treat aggressive forms of medulloblastoma.
  • A second project will support pre-clinical medulloblastoma research involving specialized xenograph models.

Cell-free DNA identifies early signs of relapse in pediatric medulloblastoma

in collaboration with ASCO’s Conquer Cancer & St Jude

  • Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have shown that cell-free DNA from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can be used to detect measurable residual disease (MRD) in children treated for the brain tumor medulloblastoma.
  • The researchers developed a test to detect MRD, and thus the risk of relapse, earlier than a recurrent tumor would be identified using a traditional imaging scan.

The dulloblastoma Journey

Parents and families, you are not alone. curedullo understands that knowledge is power. Our aim is to help you understand treatment options, side effects to manage, and questions to ask along your Medullo journey.


The dulloblastoma Journey

Parents and families, you are not alone. curedullo understands that knowledge is power. Our aim is to help you understand treatment options, side effects to manage, and questions to ask along the Medullo journey.


Building Community

“The joining of forces between organizations represents our synergistic commitment to advancing research in medulloblastoma and ensuring a cadre of investigators focused on this important area.”

-Gerry McDougall

Funding Research

“Treatment for childhood medulloblastoma, with a few exceptions, has changed very little of the past two decades. This needs to change. We need to find new, less toxic cures for all children with medulloblastoma.”

– Dr. Daniel Bowers


Together with Mrs. Linda McCaul and Representative Michael, we launched the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus (CCCC) and created an unstoppable collaborative GLOBAL childhood cancer Movement.

-Annette Leslie
What We Do

A single-focused dulloblastoma organization

Our recent analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that while there are dozens of organizations focused on pediatric brain tumors, there are NO organizations acting as a convener across the Medulloblastoma community. In this era of precision medicine, specificity matters. We believe in deep partnering across the broader pediatric brain tumor community to prioritize and fund research, support our kids and those who will come after us, and to support advocacy for Medullo-specific needs across the legislative community.


Questions and Research

Understanding & treating Medulloblastoma is the focus of a range of ongoing clinical research. Patients may qualify for trials depending on their diagnosis and treatment location. Researchers built a backlog of questions to build studies and seek funding.

Our remarkable


Swifty Foundation

The Swifty Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for pediatric brain cancer research by supporting:

  • Tissue Donation
  • Research Collaboration
  • Medulloblastoma Research


Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation

We work hard to raise awareness for childhood brain tumors. Many of CBTF families participate in helping our cause and have helped to fund research

Our Children


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We took the best family vacation the summer of 2021. We spent four and half weeks on the road marveling at national parks, hiking up mountains, enjoying the Oregon Coast, and creating amazing memories with many families and friends. Little did we now our sweet Millie had a tumor wreaking havoc on her little brain…

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Carson had a bold, charming confidence, an indomitable spirit, and a disarming smile that would warm a room. Most of the time during his 3+ year Carson vs. cancer battle, he had a smooth bald head that undeniably shouted cancer. He walked with courage, grace and dignity every step of his valiant battle. On January 12, 2010 he took…

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